Motor pulley breaking

Hi guys. Did this happen to any of you? It broke on me 3 time the exact same way , even when I used a different kind pulley. Does someone have an idea why it keeps happening?

Happened to me once. Probably your motor/pulley alignment is not centered/straight. The belt is pushing on the flange that broke

Most likely your belt isn’t aligned with your wheel pulley properly. Seems like your motor mount needs to be closer to the wheels.

The belt does get rubbed on this flange but It keeps happening no matter how I align the belt

If you post photos of your setup it may reveal something.

I was coming into this thread to try to figure out how you were using your pulleys to generate braking force. Then I realized it was a typo and you meant “motor pulley breaking” LoLz

I sell pulleys, this happen a lot.

Well I believe something is misaligned with your drivetrain. If it’s not. check that the belt´s tooth´s are okay

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It keeps happening no matter how I align the belt, but when I go in reverse, the belt is aligned properly and is not touching this flange.

Just noticed it too …lol sorry

Switch two of your 3 motor wires and turn the board around for front wheel drive. Fixed!

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there´s a difference with aligning belt and aligning motor shaft/pulley and wheel pulley. Could you post a pic without the belt. Just the mount motorshaft and wheel

Very hard to see from the pic. but could your motor mount be bent?

Is that plastic? Buy some quality metal ones

Looks like 9mm wheel and 12-15mm motor pulley? At least 12mm on wheel with 12mm belt should help or if it’s 12 already, 15 to match the motor

A pic like this will also help to tell if the angles are good

It’s 12 on the wheel and 15 on the motor

It’s all metal. The other ones were metal too

12mm belt? If the angle of the motor mount is less than 90° to the wheel pulley it’ll cause the belt to skew towards the mount, pushing on the flange

I haven’t noticed if it’s not perfectly 90 degrees. If it’s not, how could I correct it?