Motor pulley is off center?

Hi guys

My wheel pulley is just slightly off center on the wheel–by about a millimeter, and so it looks like it’s slightly wobbling as the wheel rotates. Will this be a problem? I don’t think I can get the wheel pulley any more centered…


I would not leave it uncentered. Post a pic of your wheel / pulley

If you have access to a lathe (or maybe even a drill press if you are able to get the dead center of the pulley), that would fix your problem, only thing that would come up is you would need to make a sleeve for the pulley because the hole got bigger. Otherwise making it centered with hand tools will be a rough job.

I have the same problem - my 3D printed pulley is very nice and durable but it’s not centered. When mounted on the wheel it just doesn’t perform a perfect circular motion - instead it does wobble a little. When the whole drive is assembled it kind of makes some vibrations over the mount to the motor when it gets into the resonance. The real question is, how to effectively center it…or just buy aluminium one :slight_smile: