Motor pulley with 10mm bore

Motor pulley! Bore: 10mm
Width: 12mm or 15mm shipping to Germany

10mm gear/pulleys are a little hard to find.

Best (but most expensive) is (in the UK, so somewhat close).

I also find some on ebay you can select 10mm bore from dropdown selection. Almost always aluminum, and no keyway, so just grub screws to hold it (not a problem i’d just add a bit of blue loctite).


Aps has 15mm pulleys with 10mm bore.

Hey thanks guys. Aps is down till 19th of july so thats too long. I also found them here:

I have 5m 14T , 15T, 16T, 18T, 20T pulleys with 10mm bore, and belts as well

Check, Im not sure but recall them having.

Any motor pulley can have a 10mm bore, if you have access to a lathe. I had to bore out all my motor pulleys to the correct diameter. It only takes a minute. Your local machine shop might even do it for free

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