Motor Pulleys - 18t or 20t?

Where can I get some HTD5m 18t or 20t motor pulleys with an 8mm bore and 12mm width, preferably steel? Thanks

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not a typo this time?

Nope, I really need them :slight_smile:

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A week ago Dexter had them on his website!! @torqueboards maybe you still have some left?

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I didn’t even see them, in fact I didn’t even look. Guess that’ll show me not to assume I know everything that everyone is selling :slight_smile:. I ordered some 20T HTD5 15mm Motor Pulley(s) from @torqueboards, that should do the trick. I would mind some steel 18T motor pulleys if anyone know where to get them. thanks

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I checked them out, looks like quality gear. Unfortunately they are on backorder :frowning:.

collections/motor-pulleys/products/20t-htd5-15mm-motor-pulley bang

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I ordered some, should do the job.

oh shit I didn’t see that you found those :rofl:


Sorry for bumping, but I’m now looking for a 18t pulley. I can’t find any in 15mm width that has a keyway… Anyone? 18t, 15mm width, 8mm bore, keyway and set screw would be perfect.

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Same here, if anyone know where to get them that would be awesome @ARetardedPillow