Motor Question For Single Drive

Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 - 6374 vs DYI Torque Boards 6374, can someone tell me which one is better? the turning is $80 vs $120 . Im trying to build my first single drive long board but cant decide on the motor. Whats the difference? Also what kv rating should I get, 192kv or 179kv. I’m new to dyi long boards. Been reading around for couple days and trying to learn options. The area im trying to build is somewhat hilly but with my budget im just going for single drive

the diy one is higher quality and id say go with that one itll probably be worth the money in the long run (i also orderd one… should arrive soon) 192 and 179 are both good for 10s or 12s but if you so with 12s 179 is better…

I started with a single drive, and upgraded to dual when I had enough money.

Motor Kv is going to be based on your battery configuration. I was running 8s 22Ah lipos, with 15/40t pulleys, 97mm wheels, and that was good for about 23 mph. If you’re going with a single drive, you should consider 15mm belt width, and an IDLER PULLEY!!! @JuniorPotato93 did a very helpful thread about that a while ago:

I installed mine and it has made an unbelievable difference both in acceleration and braking capabilities.

As far as motors go, my 6374 is from @JLabs and the thing is a BEAST! For the Idler pulley, I used an 8mm shoulder-bolt, with m6 threads, and a flange-nut, two 608 bearings, and a few speed washers. ~$5 from home depot, and I keep my belt so loose my pants fall down (lol). Let me know if you have questions about that!


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Wow thanks for the tips! What mount is that. I still need to find a mount for my caliber II trucks. I already got the trucks board just need motor, mount pulleys battery vesc and remote

That’s the Torque Boards V4 mount, with a few mods/improvements.

For electronics, consider lithium polymer. Not user-friendly, but they’re the best bang for your buck. My friend @Namasaki has numerous posts about his 10s lipo bms builds, and I found his opinion very helpful