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Motor question :-)

Right guys I’ve decided to have a go at building my own now, sod it! If I got a 190kv motor with a 10s setup what sort of top speed would I get?
Also I have just purchased a board that has caliber trucks where is the best place to get a bolt on motor mount? Looked on diy’s site and it doesn’t look like he has them unless I’ve missed them?

Thanks again


Here you go…

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Hi sorry what does it mean by efficiency?

how much of the power put in to the motor is converted from electrical to mechanical. for ease most people just put 70.

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check this thread for parts and where to get them.

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As @delta_19 said…if you were not on the board and it was running, it would be running at 100% efficiency…but when you get on…your weight and the doughnut you ate this morning brings it down to 70% efficiency …

So the the lower speed number is what your max speed would be if you and your doughnut were on the board :doughnut:

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That being said…those numbers are in a perfect world … You are gonna be plus/minus a few mph depending … Of course slope, road surface and wind…you would be surprised how fast you can go on a slight slope with a tail wind…and you find yourself 10mph faster than your calculated speed

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