Motor recommendations?

So I’m trying to purchase two 6355 190kv (or lower) motors for a dual drive board. However, I’m new to the hobby and don’t know what motors to buy. I’m trying to cut back from spending too much so I’d prefer sensorless motors (unless someone’s selling them at a $60-$70 range).

Thank you all so much in advance.

Sk3 or tb and don’t plug the sensor in.

With sk3 just make sure the can measurement works for your space, the sizing is off

You should take a look at these:

These are the cheapest I’ve seen for a good set of used motors


SK3 won’t be any good at that size they are 245 kv. The nearest you can get is 6364 at 190 and they actually measure 6370. Those second hand ones from tb are the best bet. If you want to spend more then go for the maytech 6355. Bullet proof apparently. Wouldn’t know myself but have it on good authority.

So maytech is better than tb? (As in more durable) . Am considering the tbs rn. One of his motors looks decent

All his motors are decent. I run some 6374 and they are a great unit. Never tried the 6365 though. Same factory same back up same quality control so should be the same lol I just know some very respected members raving about the maytechs. Pricey though.

Look at the sk8 motors from hobbyking

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Got a couple of those too. Forgot all about them. I did have a catastrophic bearing failure but I believe it was a one off. They have excellent customer service though so no real pain just waiting. 6354 is actually 6365 though. The measurement is the can but the bearing housing sticks out the back by another 6mm or so.

Hi, maybe you can fit KEDA 6364 motors from hobbyking, they are only 50$ each. I use them on my dual drive mountainboard and my single drive longboard. Sadly they are too wide for dual drive on normal trucks, so you would have to get wider trucks from TB or dickyho…

Short version of why you don’t recommend plugging in the sensor on a TB 6355?

I’d guess because you had asked for senseless? If you do go for sensored motors I would always suggest plugging them in and going sensored. These motors have had some of the best feedback that I know of from @longhairedboy

Just cos he wanted sensorless I think. I like Keda motors I’ve got 4

Yep, only because you specifically said senseless

sk3 motors measure 59mm in dia. not 63xx at all

Aight. Thanks for the recommendations guys.

Not the diameter that was the issue. Its a 63mm class motor which means it will bolt to 63mm motor mounts.

I forget why is everyone using such low kv? Can’t they fit a bigger pulley wheel and gear down a higher kv motor? Put a max erpm limit on the Vesc.

For me it is clearance issues. I like to run a 32 tooth wheel pulley. Keeps it up away from the road. If I ran a high kv motor I would need to run a massive 40+ tooth wheel pulley.

Clearance issues are also one of the reasons I am not a big fan of direct drive hubs for my personal use. I like to keep my motors slightly above or even with my truck hangers. If it clears my trucks it will clear my expensive to replace motors.


I had a 260 kv build with 8s back in the day and it flew. ask lhb or moe. Moe still goes all high kv I think. Inrunners too. Hes going for a fun way to commit suicide though. Probably not a good example.

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Clearance is a big one for sure. 12s + 200 Kv + smallest motor pullley + largest motor pulley possible = ~30 mph top speed. Move to chains and you can get slightly shorter gearing for ~25 mph top speed, but other than exotic solutions (two stage reduction or planetary gears), I dont think you can get shorter.

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