Motor resistance problem

I still have not used a pair of my new motors yet, but when I turn them by hand, both was normal until one day one had significantly more resistance than the other.

Had no idea what happened as it still was not used yet. I adjusted the phase wires to put the wheels on (phase wires not plugged) and suddenly the motor had normal turning resistance, to see if that is it, i moved the phase wire around a bit and it had hard resistance again.

So just merely adjusting the phase wires, soft pulling, pulling or simply pushing it one side or the other actually changes the motor resistance.

I wonder if the motor is now kaput and in need of repairs or is it common and just need to adjust it till it frees up.

Touch two of the phase wires together. If there is resistance when you do that it is a good thing

I mean the motors are not plugged into a power source.

It just like you opened the box the motors came in the mail and turned them by hand to get a feel. Then it got harder resistance never mind that it is not set up yet, i.e. still in the box.

Yea, WITHOUT the motor plugged in, touch two of the phase wires of the motor together and see if there is resistance


That a motor out of the box and make sure none of the ends of the phase wires are touching. The motor should spin freely. Touch two ends together and it should be harder to spin. Touch all three together and it should be even harder to turn.


Interesting. Will see about that when I get home. Currently on smoko at work.

Since the motor acts as a generator, when you turn it electricity is generated and ‘outputted’ via the phase leads. When 2 of the phases are touching it shorts the circuit and acts as a break, making the motor hard to turn. I get a few emails about this a month…


This is exactly right, don’t make the mistake that I did when I first set up my board, don’t push ride it to test it out with the motor and mount attached with the phase leads taped next to each other… It will short out and throw you off the board :joy:

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