Motor resistance when turned on / no throttle

I have a Raptor 1 and I just swapped out the tires to ABECS…when i went to ride it just now the board practically could not roll at all (without throttle) when the power is on, but the motor resistance disappears when i power it off. Has anyone encountered this problem before? I’m checking the setting on the VESCs and it all looks fine… @carl.1

OK I realized that I recently also installed a Nano-X onto my board…is there any set up i need to do besides just pairing the receiver?

You need to do the PPM detection, the resistance is likely brakes because you have a different center than before.

I’m in the BLDC tool right now…can you explain how i do PPM detection? Is it the PPM setting in the ‘App Configuration’ tab?

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Yes, I do t have it in front of me, or I’d walk you through it. In bed though.

It’s the ppm detection with the live bar showing the ppm input.

Edit: what firmware are you using? This is for 3.x

Go to app tab, under general, set mode to off and write that (so the motors don’t move during this process.)

Click on Real Time app data in the right hand side, it should light up green.

Go to ppm tab, go full throttle (motors wont spin due to step 1), that is the max, set that and apply. Go full brake, set that and apply. Adjust the center as needed. You will figure it out when you are looking at it.

Go back to app general tab and set back to whatever mode you are using, write. (Now your motors will move again)

I am not looking at it right now. But it is close to this. I am in bed… feeding 5 week old. Ugh.

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Sorry, im using firmware 2.18. that may be the confusion. This is very helpful, Thanks!!! I will let you know how it goes

I should have guessed that… raptor 1. Its late, I am tired, hope you get it sorted!

Just curious. But have you check the phase wires that lead into the motors? I’ve had this weird issue with all 4 R-Specs that I own. Just had to run some heatshrink in through the holes to separate them.

Still have a couple that I need to fix because of that issue. IMG_20180714_172600

I havent checked the phase wires…I’m honestly not sure how to do that. Im still stuck on setting these remote settings.

Hi. I have got similar problem with my e-mtb. Did you solve it in some way?

I can’t answer for the OP’s particular scenario but the motors will have high resistance if the motor wires are shorted. However this happens even with the board off though, but worth checking always.