Motor Rewinding Needed in/around Holland

Hey guys. I’d been running dual torqueboards 6355 190kv motors for not too long before one shorted out on me going 48kmph, causing me to speed wobble and smack into the ground nicely at speed.

Long story short, because of pressure on the wires during turning, one of the two motors is shorted out from the inside, and the other I don’t want to trust, so I’m looking for someone in the Netherlands area to possibly rewind both motors for me, preferably exactly how I bought them. They’re sensored motors. Don’t know if that’ll make a big difference in difficulty?

If someone can do this for me, or knows someone who can, I’d be very grateful to get in contact with them!

With all the shipping cost and labour im not super sure it is worth the effort…

Sounds scary at 48kph… u just witnessed something im usually really afraid - what happens if motor messes up at speed :confused:

Anyways… it might be that someone would rewind for less than 50eur, who knows… but i imagine rewinding would take some time + right size emanel wire itself…

Maybe @Hummie can give u a rough estimate how much for rewinding might be an adequate cost.

Though he is in states and has a lot of other things to take care of

that seems to happen to a lot of motors. its not hard to rewind or unwind the stuff on there but it does take time. and interest

Yeah I think I might just accept the death of these motors and eventually buy two new ones. I’m still going to open up the motor and see if I can insulate the strands a bit better and maybe fix it that way. We’ll see

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Check they used to have motors at around 50usd a piece… might be cheaper than sending from usa or getting ones from hobbyking.

Ive heard keda motors on hobbyking might not be bad but not sure they came with flat axle.

On banggood search for 5060 or 5065 motor. They also had some 63 but not as good / low kv

Otherwise try to go with keda (63 size) if smaller 5060 racerstars puts u off

The main issue is that there aren’t many sensored motors that are flat at the end, allowing two of them to fit together on a Caliber II truck with dual 15mm belts. As far as I know torqueboards is one of the only ones. Otherwise I’ll have to get wider trucks

Have a shop around at Alien dude, might have what you want there?

They’re too long to fit I think, and I really don’t like how stiff their motor wires are

Here’s a pick of my dual Keda 190kv on 180mm HK trucks, they might fit on with 15mm belts but I’m not sure, I run 10mm chains


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