Motor rolling resistance when powered off

I have just rode my current build and I am having what feels like increased motor drag than I’m used to. When the board is powered on or off and I turn the rear wheels manually it feels like the motors are slightly braking. I am running FOC on @Ackmaniac FW and used auto wizard on controller setup so I’m not sure it would be the beak engaging.

could be a shorted motor. Try unplugging all the phase leads (and make sure they’re not touching) and see if it’s still providing resistance.

Have you calibrated your controller in BLDC Tool? Could be applying a small amount of brake.

I did, I used the auto wizard.

That was my first thought but both motors are doing itvtge same amount.

So, both motors are slightly braking even when unplugged?

Unplugged no, connected to FOCBOX and powered on or off, yes.

huh, that’s weird. I wonder if there’s an internal short on the vescs…

i certainly hope not!! They are brand new. @Ackmaniac could I need to manual set the controller values instead of the wizard?

I can’t imagine software has anything to do with it as it happens when your board is off as well.

You should check in bldc-tool what the ppm display shows. It should be in the area of 50%. With the deadband parameter you can adjust the sensitivity.

Depends what ‘off’ actually is :smirk:

The ppm display is at 50% so I thought it would be correct. Thanks for the reply.

Both rolling the same way? :joy:

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Are your belts insanely tight?

They are insanely loose! I run idler bearings.

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Ahhhhh that’s not the problem then… Maybe post a pic of the VESC so we can take a look at the solders and stuff like that? Edit: maybe some vesc settings too

Could be the beginnings of a mosfet issue. It has happened to me. Where the mosfets phased out.

both vescs though? seems unlikely itd happen to two vescs at the same time

True that is odd. Try switching out for one fresh vesc, use the same settings and see if its the same.

If it is, it’s a setting, if it’s not it’s a hardware issue