Motor screws length

Okay guys… Probably a simple question, but couldn’t find the answer :sweat_smile: I need to buy some motor mounting screws for my mount, but am not sure on what length I will need.

How long is the screws supposed to stick in to the motor?

In theory they shouldnt be any longer than the thread in the motor, but you can’t really measure this. I use 12mm screws, of which 6mm are through the mount and 6mm into the motor. Works fine i guess.

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Maybe go to hardware store and Take your motor and mount and just try everything and ask the guy for the name. or just buy it from there How expensive can some Screws be :smiley:

What motor are you using?

most people use m4x10

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I guess I’ll buy some 12mm then, as my mount will be ~7mm thick.

Thanks guys!

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