Motor selection

On my longboard I use Turnig SK3 6364 63mm 245kv And used 6s LiPo, ESC 120A Wlightwell 83mm

Why do not many people use this motor, saying that it is heated and has little torque? Many use 192kv

My weight is 96kg, and the 245kv motor pulls my body without problems.

Why can not I put two 245kv motor on a mountain board with 200mm whels?

There you have some reading material :wink:

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I don’t use Turnigy sk3 6374 because they aren’t 6374 but more like 6186 and they aren’t sensored. Before the kv even becomes a factor, it’s disqualified

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I have the same motor on a single build with 6s and a xcar beast 150A and it´s great :wink: Nothing wrong with it, but it´s to high on kv for higher Volt boards like a 10 or a 12s.

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Why go 6364 in 6s when you can go dual 6374 in 10s :wink: Need that torque to defy gravity and scare kids while going uphills at insane speeds


I can used 6364 with 10s, and it will be faster.

I can yous for Trampa Mountaonbord with Hypa whell?

Im planing my road mountainboard with 200 mm wheels (not really mountainboard, just the pavement surface is too shitty for longboard wheels in my country…hah)

245kV really sounds too much for this use case. Unless you can do a really high reduction.

For example Im using an Emax motor ( which is I suppose comparable to the 6374 SK3. Mine will be 192 kV and the reduction I’m planning is 1:6, which is nuts compared to the longboard wheeled boards. But this is necessary to not stress the battery too much and have acceptable torque. A guy I know did 1:5 and said it was too low. I think his wheels were smaller as well…

It will only be faster if the kv on your motor is optimum … around 190kv sounds good for that

What ESC should i use? May be VESC 4?

Can someone have more tips for choosing an motor?

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Read this forum for about a month. Use the search icon. Read the getting started guide.