Motor sensor plug doesn't fit on VESC..*SOLVED*

I am putting together my new build and have purchased a sensored motor. However, the plug on the sensor wire does not match a socket on my vesc. The motor came with an additional wiring harness and a socket. Do I just need to cut and solder on the new plug?

Upload some pics of the adapters and plugs. Maytech makes a plug and play adapter if that’s what you have.

Edit: is there a female end on the adapter?

The pic is what I have. The smaller is attached to the motor. The larger has 2" wires attached to it and are also a gauge or two larger.

I don’t have a VESC in front of me but I think the sensor port is 7 pins.

If that connector fits the sensors port then yes, you can just cut the wires from you motor and solder to the wires of you adapter.

Check out @Jinra’s tutorial

6 pins!

black = GND red = 5v white = temp the other 3 = hall sensors

The VESC lays out sensor wires differently than how typical chinese motors come. Make sure your red, black, and white cables are in the right positions.


Does this layout look right coming out of the vesc? Just match colors with wiring the two together?

Yep, unless the motor mfg decided to not follow typical electronics convention for whatever reason. Black, red, and white are standard. The sensors can be varying colors though.

I notice the colors in the connectors coming out the vesc are different for our connections. How do I know which order to wire in?

Im running a 6374, 190kv from @Kaly


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Kaly’s motors are plug and play with VESC according to his post, shouldn’t have to change anything.

Nope, I just got this one from him and the small plug is what comes attached.

Then you’ll have to take out the leads on the VESC plug and put Kaly’s in. However they may not fit in which cause just solder the VESC plug leads into the motor, the colors seem to match on the pic you have.

Ok great, That’s exactly what I am doing now. However, the color order in your photo for the vesc wiring does not match the color order on the plug that came extra with my motor that does for the vesc. So I need to rearrange the pins in my plug to make sure the plug into the correct pin in the connector on the vesc?

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Yep just reorder to it match the colors. Like I said, red/black/white are critical to be in the right position, but the others dont matter as long as they’re going in the hall pins.

Problem solved. Thanks guys!


@Jinra I need a bit of help please,bout these motor for my vesc,the motor came with sensor connector but the are 5pin so I just ordered 6pin jst to used to connect but there will be one wire missing can you tell me how is it possible someone said leave the temp wire but I am new don’t know which one it is

If you read @Jinra’s post he says temp is the white wire. Now look at @flywithgrif’s pic which pin is the white wire connected to. That should be correct as long as the motor manufacturer used the right pattern

if you only face 5 pins it’s fairly simple. black is ground, red is 5v and the rest are hall sensors


In my case here black - red + and the orange would be temp so I would leave that one out