Motor Shaft Length - Clearance Issue

I’m having some clearance problems with my 6374 torqueboard motors. @torqueboards Thanks to @okp and his sweet mounts, I have set up a dual 6374 on the Evolve Double kingpin trucks.

Running on a street setup with no issues. However, when I try to convert it to AT I have clearance issues between the motor shaft and the AT wheels. The torqueboard motors run the 32mm shaft length unlike the typical 18mm found on the 6355 LHB or Enertion r-spec.

Any ideas on how I can fix the clearance issues? Can I swap out the motor shaft to a shorter one?

I would prefer to use the motors I have, rather than have to buy a new pair.

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Simplest solution would be to grind the shaft down

That was my 1st thought too but I’m assuming there is some kind of retaining clip or a shoulder on the shaft that means the pulley cant move down the shaft.

@jdnicholson some pictures would help.

If you are going to grind it off the do it with the motor running slowly for a clean cut and put a plastic bag over the bell to stop the shaving sticking to the magnets.

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cut the shaft with a dremel?


yeah, Nowind has pictures of him doing it. I think maybe of his Leopard motors?

one clean cut with a cutting wheel (I would not grind it will take more force), don’t put too much stress on the bearings…

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I’ll take some photos tonight. After a quick research, I couldn’t find many instances of people actually cutting down the shaft. There is information on notching it but not much on cutting it down.

So the consensus is motor on low speed and dremel cutting disk? (with plastic bag over motor)

put it on your motor mount turn on dremel with cutting disk cut sand the shaft a bit to get rid of burs

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cut motor shaft


May be worth covering the motor can if you’re cutting/sanding the shaft to ensure you don’t end up with bits of metal stuck to the magnets inside