Motor shaft pin

I have a Turnigy 6354 260kv aerodrive motor. There is a U shaped pin at the base of the axle. Is this just a spacer to prevent anything connected to the shaft from grinding against the motor body?

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you mean a C-shaped clip?

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It’s a snap ring. Though highly unlikely that your motor would fly apart without it, still recommend having it. You do have to remove it to get the can off.

It’s called a circlip.

This happened to me. My helical gears loctite failed and the lateral force chewed up my circlip. This let the motor can slide and caused a full street face on a hard acceleration when the can misaligned.

I now always check my cans before I ride :wink:


Me too honestly. I wiggle my cans and wheels every time i turn it on. And never just use loctite that’s just not smart. A pulley with CA glue and a set screw you wouldn’t have a can fly apart. Shit does happen though. That’s why I have learned to fall better.

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Potato tomato.

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