Motor shaft slipping

I’ve got a 6355 260KV motor, the shaft is slipping when u see torque. There is something sticking out if the bottom of the motor around the shaft, looks plastic but I’ve never opened up a motor before, so no clue.

Any ideas? Thanks for the assist folks.

Strange indeed. Strip down definitely needed I reckon. You’ll soon see what’s going on.


That’s the shim that this particular motor use … I think you’ll need to remove the shaft and re epoxy it securely

I’d double check around…not sure what motor you have …maybe someone has the same motor they can check

I contacted Dexter, he’s sending one out Monday. So I guess I’ll just leave it alone and let Dexter figure out what the problem was. Once again great service from DIY.

Oh then your fine

@torqueboards will sort you out

Are you braking a lot?

I stopped locking up my wheels during stops I only have soft breaks now to stop

I had this same issue that you are having

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I don’t normally use the break very often, I usually foot stop. What do you mean by “soft brakes”?


When you apply the breaks on my board it will not bring you to a full stop…

So the faster you go…the more the breaks will slow you down, but not throw you …so you can’t lock up…

And when slow…the breaks are less effective and you need to grind down to a slow stop or step off

It’s good a good set up if you wanna go fast but need to get on and off the brakes but still need to maintain speed

I assume you have tweaked some specific VESC setting? Which one was it?

It’s not it’s on a 6s I have … it uses a car ESC… it’s really great to rip around on…off on street/curb … I just tried it one day and it was fun made it less scary that I wouldn’t lock up the wheels…

But I don’t think I would suggest this set up in traffic… you need a few more feet to get you stopped but hauling ass through tight squeezes and stuff it works very well

Sounds fun :slight_smile:

I think this happened to me once before. It turned out that there is a set screw(very very small) on the end of the shaft. I think you can almost see it in your pic. I actually had no idea it was there until I pulled the motor apart (which wasn’t necessary) Look closely for it. I think there may be two. One at each end of the shaft. We’re all used to looking for one on the end of the shaft where we place the pulley wheel but most people don’t realize there’s also one on the other side of the shaft. I hope I’m being clear.

I am running a 190kv motor on 6s while I wait for either the replacement 260kv or the 10s battery to come in. It kinda feels like this… [click for video]

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What would be the strongest epoxy for this kind of job, I’ve been paranoid about this happening to me and tonight I check my board before the group ride and I feel my right motor shaft slipping :(.

If the gap is small, the retaining compound used for motor pulleys sounds like the perfect thing? Most likely stronger than epoxy for this use?

Just to be clear I haven’t actually tried this, but I do use Loctite 648 for motor pulleys. I see 640 being talked about here. But this PDF (page 16) makes me thing 648 for low gap (up to .015mm), 638 for medium gap (0.25mm) and 660 with an activator for big gap (.5mm).

Ah so many different ones! 640 is high temp low gap. 648 is fast set.

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I’ll order a bottle of 648 and redo all my motors.

Make sure to read the instructions. Surfaces need to be clean, wait 24h (or 5 min if you’re like me).


Hahaha, #metoo

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