Motor shutter when accelerating hard

Hi all

I have finally got my board back up and running after a switch failure. I made a loop key and put it all back together, updated to the latest firmware and went through the setup process again. Now when I accelerate hard, one of the motors shutters and it kicked me off today (luckily no injuries).

Has anybody got any ideas as to what the cause could be. See video link: Motor shutter



Are you running sensored/unsensored?

All the cables good?

Running sensored. The cables appear good to me, but not sure what I should look out for.

Your trucks may be unbalanced, what are you running?

e-caliber trucks. What do you mean by unbalanced?

Sometimes people run unbalanced wheels and weird bearings, but it seems yours is OK. My apologies, carry on.

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I would re instal the software, run motor detection again, use the auto settings (not default), put the bat max equal to motor max…and give it a try…check again all of the connections…it looks like stator saturation, but it could be many things…Try doing the same lowering your current set up to your minimum possible, check if it shutters again…hope it is just that…check for faults, while doing that without turning off your vescs to read the fault code if any…


You bloody ripper @Santino got it sorted with your suggestions. I am back on the road after a month of niggling issues. Cheers!