Motor Size Recommendation 6365?

Hey all, lurker here, just starting to work on my build and I am trying to decide on the motors to get.

I’m a bit bigger than most people on here, over 6 foot and over 250 lbs.

I know I need to do a dual motor set up to maintain the torque needed to get some speed up hills and go fast…I like going fast.

I’m retro fitting my loaded tan tien and currently have the dual ripba mount and trucks from @psychotiller and it mentions on his site that you can put up a 6365 in a dual set up.

So here are my questions: why does it seem like no one really uses the 6365?? Would dual 6355’s be enough with either a 10s4p or even a 12s4p battery set up (18650 cells most likely) to “propel” my big butt up hills and go fast!

Thanks everyone for making such an awesome forum/community here too!


Most people who want lots of torque use 6374’s You could use the 6365’s, they are bound to have a little more torque than 6355’s but not a whole lot. It might be better to just go with 6355s and have more room for wider belts. Using 12s over 10s will also give you more power for acceleration and hill climbing. Also using smaller wheels Like 90mm with large pulleys like 40T to give you lower gearing will help but of course, lower gearing means less top speed so it’s a trade off.

I have two builds, one with dual 6355s and one with dual 6374s

The 6374 build will climb hills at slower speeds than the 6355 but it also eats up more battery even when riding on flat ground so that is another thing to consider.

So you think a set of the torque boards 6355s would be good? Would I notice the difference at all?

I guess I’ll be going with 12s then. Also I have the kegels with the kegel pulley set from torque boards already, so i have 36/15 pulleys i think, at least i can play around with those.

Ya, Torqueboards 6355 190kv or 170kv if available. Even the difference between 6355s and 6374s is not that much in my opinion. I have run 12s and 10s and the difference is substantial in my opinion. 80mm kegels with 36T and 15T should be good. I used 36T pulleys on 83 and 90 wheels. If you still need lower gears you could try a smaller motor pulley.

What Vescs are you planning to use

Been looking into the focboxes…they seem to be the preferred choice around here!

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That’s what I would recommend. They’re the best deal going right now for quality at a reasonable price.

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I have both the 6365 and 6374 maytech’s you are referring to. They literally are the same wattage wise. At least according to the website. 3510W vs 3550W.

I dont feel any difference anyways.

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So do you think I would feel a difference between a 6365 and a 6355?

6355 are smaller motors… you will feel the difference on hill climbs. Go with the 6365 if space is an issue. It’s what I had to do on a Trampa Urban carver build I did in the summer. Look at their website and do measurements. Excluding that nipple thing at the end… the motor is only about 61’ish mm long. The nipple is like the last 4mm

Whats a good 6365 to look at?

You said the one from @psychotiller website right? It’s the Maytech one. Amazing motor imho. Very strong performance and reliable and it’s waterproof. Every other motor you can look won’t be waterproof right? couple of drops of dirt or rain or mud gets in there… your done right?

There aren’t as many.

I use a single 6355 and it handles hills fine. but i’m about 100 lb less. so a dual 6355 is fine. dual 6374 is finer? but more weight to drag around.

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The 6365s on my site are longer than 65mm. Be very careful when choosing motors. My 6365’s are listed as 6369’s for a reason. They won’t fit on my 200mm RKP trucks.

I have mentioned this before and it’s why I recommended 6355’s. Words…right?

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ok yeah he is correct. I went and remeasured. The end of the can is 61mm then there is this sloping boob part that ends in a nipple… the extra handful is about 8mm total length 69mm

All I read was Boob and Nipple and Handlul. Whaaaaat?


Exactly why I was asking, I remember you telling me I couldn’t use yours…so i was wondering if there is even a good 6365 out there or if i should stop the hunt and get the 6355’s and call it a day!

6365 is usually under the name of 6364. Hobbyking sells some decent ones, Alien power systems might too

The details you need though are the measurements. I didn’t see you asking that anywhere. Just don’t want you getting stuck with parts that don’t play nice.

True, still trying to figure out the best questions that I need to be asking. I may go with the TB 6355 and just focus on the battery next!

Thanks for everyone’s help too!!