Motor slide when I drive

Hello builder, when I ride a hill the motor slide with the Mount, so the belt get loose. I just can use two screws to tighten. I have this mount

And the motor is one from hobby King 270kv sk3, 6mm shaft. I use a washer with the screw. Do you have any ideas.?

Get a better motor mount and use more screws


Only 2 bolts on motors? Use lock tight?

Get a better mount and use more screws. If it worth doing, do it right. Dont become another statistic of esk8.

My friend you really need to heed the advice you get on here. There is a reason that good products cost a bit more and that is because they work. There is not a person on here worth listening to that would have advised you to buy 3m belts and that mount set up. Its cheap because its crap. Now to make the board work how you want it to you will have to upgrade to a complete new set of mounts pulleys and belts so what started out cheap has now become expensive.


That’s literally the worst of all the bad motor mounts in the entire world.

Now you can’t use the pulleys on a better mount because they are 3M instead of 5M, which will cause the next problems you will have after you fix this problem.

If you try to be cheap and save money, you will end up spending more. Sell it all and buy a Meepo.


@pedro, a tua imagem diz tudo :sweat_smile: Your profile pic says it all if you continue with that mount