Motor stiff and grinding noise board not working PLEASE HELP


I have 2 ollin gen 1 motors (5065)

I connected them up to a flipsky dual vesc and after connecting them up they make a weird sort of grinding noise and are extremely stiff around once every rotation (only for a small portion of the rotation)

I couldn’t see under a light any blockage

I tried using the board however it couldn’t anywhere near produce enough torque to even move me a couple of meters

Please help

Here are some picturesimage image image image image image image image

Why is this happening?

Thank you

A video of the problem would really help out here. Also. Did you run motor detection? What settings? Ect…

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Will try and send

Now one of he motors won’t turn and the other here is a picture ofimage

Was the setup previously working with other motors aka have you done a successful motor detection and spin-up. It could be a broken magnet but you would have to open up the motor and send some pics.

Dunno haven’t tried with any others I am getting some torqueboard 260kv ones on Tuesday though so will see then

gt2b is ppm and can be used with current and brakes with no reverse.

You can run ppm and uart

Just be careful that you acknowledge the current reverse switch on the gt2b remote before you mess with reverse setttings in the VESC tool. If you don’t mind swinging your board round on pivot to go backwardfs its easier to just run current with brakes no reverse. If you want the reverse function then you need to make sure the switch on the remote is forward and then code with current and model your pulsewidth to that, otherwise you can get problems where you switch direction and the throttle curve doesn’t adjust and the board sends you onto your back. :+1:

Do the motors spin without being connected to anything? (no wires or belts)

Did you hand-test the motors?


Without the belt on they are much better than with it on

I am guessing it is a problem with the bldc settings or the belt taughtness

Yes they do

What are the hand-test results?

Did you do motor detection?

They are fine only very slight stiffness just due to age of the motors

How tight are the belts? Do you have a photo of pushing on the belt with your finger? It should deflect almost a full centimeter when you push on it.

Hi think I found the problem the wheel pulley was rubbing on the motor mount tying to lubricate them both

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