Motor stopping and then going

Hello I have bin here for a while I finished my board no more than 3 weeks ago allreadyyy have around 50 miles but currently my board is unrideable for something that I can’t find a solution to esk8,anyways am running dual torque boards 6355/190kv with dual torque boards 120amp car esc ,the motors at a low rpm or not that I have tried anything higher they ,jerk thell stop for .5 of a second and then go back to that rpm and well how do I know ,well I was going pretty fast and I got launched, I didnt get hurt bbut fell on grass ,I have checked everything except ESC ,at first I thought it was due to poor alignment with both motors tension because I constantly had to tighten it because if one motor belt got loose the other one would make a weird noise and then launch as if it had launch control, I switch the trucks redid the alignment and have them to the almost exact tension made sure all six phase wires were connected properly ,also I don’t know if its loss of single I had the flysky fs-gt2b big remote ,I dont know I took both wheels off and tested them still same problem with motors ,I relocated the receiver and still no change ,anyone up for suggestions to my problem please any feedback would be thank full

The motors are 63 mm there pretty scuffed up and all phase wires are taped with electrical tape each one separately they look like they touching motor there not and have not

clea ance BTW truck and motor looks too close. and u might want to check motor wires see if they touching each other. and re binde the receiver.

There not close trust me anything else I move them and the belts start moving out of the wheel ,I spend 4 hours testing it ,motors wires can’t be touching becauseeeeeeee all of them are electric taped separately and i just checked them and redid the electrical tape ,I’ll try the rebinding c if that works

not sure how belt comes out if u move the mount but okay.

since motor is bit up, it could be internally shorting.

for the car esc tho, they normally works for 4 pole motor 12 pole max. and those motor is probably 14 pole. that could be why

It had to do with the receiver ,I rebinded it and works like a charm And for the motor ,car esc I don’t know man torque boards is selling it as a combo so , that’s quite concerning ,if it’s true what your saying there 190kv 6355 63 mm motors

I had that issue at one time, i just rebinded it and it worked, kind of scary boards have vesc though, you should get two vesc.

It’s not true. The TB 12s 120amp esc’s work like champs with his motors. I have four of them.

great! have fun!