Motor Stuttering

Just got new Focboxes and hooked one up to one of my motors for a single drive test run. All the sudden the motor went out and when I hit the accelerator again it just jitters. Found it was a weak connection on the bullet connector so I fixed that but the issue persists.

When did a detection on the motor in BLDC, it stutters similar to when I hit the acceleration and the detection fails.

The cables around the motor look alright, but I may need to get inside the motor and check those too.

Also, I hooked the same Focbox to my other motor and it works just fine.

What happens when you run detection

This is what it looks like when one of your phase wires are disconnected. Check your phase wires, connectors and solder joints.

A poorly soldered connector is the most likely suspect.

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Or those damn springy spinny bullets if you have those on the motor, can be perfectly soldered, just shit connector.

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Ok I will try that. I just really hope my motor didn’t die. I’ve only had it for 2 months.

I took the motor off an opened it up to make sure nothing was disconnected. Everything looks fine. Also tested the bullet connections and they seem solid. Very tight fit and all the solder joints are fine. Is this something that happens when a motor shorts out?

Does it spin freely, is there any stutter beyond the normal magnet stutter when spinning by hand?

I clamped a spring spinny bullet once so you couldn’t even unplug it that was misbehaving and it still had issues

It spins just fine by hand.

This happened as I was going down a slight incline and applied the breaks at like 15 mph if that has anything to do with it. It was breaking just fine initially.

If the focbox is fine with the other motor, it’s the motor

I fixed it!!! I tested the motor again and I saw a spark where the wires go into the motor. Turns out, the casing had a tiny tear that I couldn’t even see but I rewrapped it in heat shrink and it works just fine! I am sooo happy I don’t have to shell out more money for a new motor.