Motor Suppliers

I’m just posting this topic to create a general list of sellers of individual outrunner or hub motors. This should be sticky to the top. It’s going to be buried in usersub. The list will adapt to what sellers have at the current moment. Got more suggestions.

Outrunners: Hobbyking (SK3) Tacon Emax Scorpion Maytech

Hub motors:, I think this is Hummies Carvon Maytech Jacobs-Emf

Both: Alien power systems

Edit #1: list gets updated for whoever mentions others I have not heard of.

Carvon - Direct Drive Hummies - Hubs

Turnigy, Tacon,

That is normal, they are phase wires. Just connect them to the 3 phase wires from your ESC and if it spins the wrong way switch any two of the wires. The order of phase wires does not matter.

Outrunners Enertion Miami Diy Sk3 Tacon Emax Scorpion Alien Power Maytech

Hub Jacobs-Emf Steelhub - Devin and Hummie (Best) Diy Alien Maytech Miami Carvon