Motor temp fault VESC 6+

I have a dual drive trampa with Vesc6+ and aps 6384 170kv. I’m getting a motor temp fault while riding. Motor temps are spiking from 60c to 80c in a matter of seconds. Even with no load on the board with it on my workbench. Any suggestions?

Motor max 80A Motor brake -65 Batt max 70 Batt then -70

I would try 60 motor amp, -35 motor break, 60 bat and -35 . If you break too much at -65 motor amp, I think it is too much stress for the stators dealing for such high amps… Actually I would try lower amps than 60… I would not follow the motor brand suggestions, I would start from 50 amps and change the values until you reach the spot for a balanced ride. What Batts are you using?

12s5p Li ion. Board worked fine before the upgrade. Before it had Vesc6 and 6384 200kv at 80A. I’m not sure why these motors are getting so hot. What’s “normal” temperature for a motor like this?

When I use 130kv motors, I run them at lower amps, they are efficient and they get the stator saturated if you manage the amps that you would use with a 200kv motor. Also, if you full charge your batteries and then you go riding and breaking a lot, or just downhill with a full charge, all that energy has to go some where, creates heat, and your battery is saturated, therefore your motors will work as dissipators, and you will hit the red zone very fast…you could set up the limit at 100 C grades, but I would rather set it at 80 C, because magnets suffers a lot at continuous high temps…I suggest you to try lower amps 45 motor amp -25 break, and 45 batt and amps to start, obviously carefully because you are experimenting, and you will reach the perfect spot with patience. Wish you the best…

I tried lowering the settings today, it longer but eventually reached the thermal limit again. Ive noticed the temperature jumps around alot at the higher temperatures (60C and above). also when temperatures are 80C i can still touch the motors with my hand for a short time. Wouldnt 80C give me an instant burn?

By touching the motor by hand, you mean the bell? I touch the lateral (sprocket and shaft) if that burn my hand immediately , there temps are too high. But the bell it is always dissipation heat, therefore they are not too accurate. Few questions, do you have belts? if they are ti tight motors heat up rapidly. Do you have motor cover? same problem, they need air. Do you loose power when motor heat up? thats the proof vescs are saving them from burning. How is the weather? Too hot will heat motor fast. How is your riding style? accelerating and a lot of breaking aggressively will heat your motors. Also, 80 C do not burn my fingers instantly. If there is no answer, best try to talk with Bruno from APS, maybe he can help you, also Frank from Trampa. PM them or email.

I would try Frank first. Ive been told there havnt been many, if any, VESC 6s that go bad overtime.

Thats not to pin blame on you though, it sounds as though its the motor, and something within it thats wonky.

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Hi, I really appreciate the helpful comments, I have an etoxx gear drive, so no belts. I have been in contact with APS, on my previous setup I had Vesc 6 and APS 6384s 200kv. I blew a Vesc 6 up last month and ordered two new Vesc 6+ along with two APS 6384s 170kv motors. The new 170kv motors have a completely closed bell while my old ones had a vented bell. I thought this might be a factor but APS assures me that the enclosed bell should be okay. I am losing power when the motors get hot, Vesc’s are throwing a motor temp fault. The weather here is mild for now(Arizona) it’s a high of about 80-85F here currently. My riding style isn’t super aggressive but I definitely enjoy accelerating hard out of some corners🤘. APS said it was likely due to my geartrain (which I don’t think because it ran fine before) or timing(which I assume means Vesc settings?) I have also emailed trampa, awaiting a reply.

I am currently using the same motor min and max as well as batt min and max that I used on my 200kv that ran flawlessly never overheating for the past year. Even when it was 110F+ outside. Also my friend has the exact same setup running the 170kv motors only difference is he is using focbox.

It just doesn’t make just sense to me, it takes about a mile or two to reach the temp limit then severely cuts power to protect motors.

What is your firmware version? Also during motor detection what is the reported motor resistance?

I believe 3.54 I’m not home at the moment but just updated the 6+’s when I got them

As long as it is not 3.52 you are good. Check the resistance values and let me know.

Motor resistance? 11.2 and 11.5

Are you sure?

11mΩ seems a little low.

image firmware is 3.54

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I read your thread and I can’t see something standing out.

Lower kv motors normally can’t handle the current higher kv handle due to more turns in the winding. However your motors have a lower resistance than all of my 6374 motors and I don’t have major overheating problems with mine.

The only thing I can suggest, is to make sure you redo you motor detection, make sure temperature compensation is off and recheck all your motor phase connections.

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Where can I find temp compensation?


Fw 3.52 had temperature compensation on by default during detection and it caused a few problems with some motors. If you have FW 3.54, unless you activated it yourself, it should not be on.

Mine is on false but wouldn’t that not matter because I have hall sensors?

No, although it is on the sensorless tab, it applies in all cases.

What is the sensorless erpm you have set? (FOC, Hall sensors tab)