Motor throttle too touchy


My board is riding great, but the torque is too aggressive.

Specs: (x2) 5S Turnigy 5000mAh Lipo batteries (linked in series) Tunrnigy 6374 149kv BLDC motor GT2B receiver/transmitter TB VESC (running in BLDC mode)

The board behaves like it should; the motor gradually spools as I apply more and more throttle. The VESC-Tool is showing me that full throttle is applied when I’ve got the trigger pulled all the way, so my transmitter is properly calibrated. My problem is that when I’m riding at say… 15mph… and I pull on the throttle a bit too suddenly then the board pulls forward aggressively and I struggle to keep balance. At those speeds, I don’t want the board to go shooting from underneath my feet because I accidentally blipped the throttle.

Is there a way that I can limit the torque using the VESC-tool, even if it means lowering my top speed overall?

Thank you

Adjust your throttle curve. I do -25% on both with a natural curve.

That thread says ackmaniac fw, but even without you can still adjust the curve.

VESC Tool -> App Settings -> PPM -> Positive Ramping Time and Negative Ramping Time

Increase these value of these numbers. These basically average out your throttle input, smoothing it out.

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Awesome, thanks!

Before I start tinkering with the values, I’d like to know what these variables are exactly. I’m assuming Positive Ramping Time is the time it takes for the motor to match throttle response when accelerating Does Negative Ramping Time apply for braking/decelerating?

I’m not familiar, but maybe this will help.

Personally I use FOC and from what I understand the ramp times don’t work in FOC, But maybe I misread.

Yeah, ramping is the amount of time it takes to get from 0 throttle, to full throttle, or basically how quickly the VESC ramps up the current. Longer ramp time, more gradual current ramping, less jerky ride.

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