Motor to vesc connection help

Hey decided to do my first diy project as Im setting up my 6380 motor wires from torque boards 5.5mm bullet connecters are too big for foxbox unity MR60M connector Ive looked online but couldnt find any clear answers if anyone knows

what i need to order or do and could be specific that would be great


buy a solder

do the solder

The ts80 type usbC are ok for this. Get ceramic tweezers

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Those are male bullet connectors on your motor. Recommend changing the connectors on the esc since motor wires are enamelled and can be a POS to change out. Especially if you clip the motor wires you will need to either sand off each motor wire strand before soldering or burn the enamel off with a small blowtorch. Its not a good idea and can easily ruin a motor if you get it wrong.

Find some matching 5.5mm female connectors for the esc side and preferably find some with plastic housings so you dont have to worry about shorts.

Was just thinking you might not want to swap connectors on that nice Focbox esc. Wouldnt want to Foc it up in case you decide to sell it some day. :rofl:

Another option would be to make a short adapter cable with 5.5mm bullets on one side and whatever the Foc they use on the esc. Maybe 4mm? Those triple bullet housings shouldnt be hard to find.

hey thanks for the reply do you see in my second picture that baggy those 3 gold pieces are those the female bullet connectors i need? and to go the second route youre talking about id need 4mm male bullet connectors and 12awg wire correct?

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Not sure what size bullet connectors you have on the esc side but yeah, those 3 position connectors in the bag will do.

Btw that first pic shows male connectors on both sides. So you would make an adaptor using female 5.5mm bullets and one of those yellow 3 position female connectors in the bag.

Not sure why Focbox would do that. Usually the female bullets are on the supply(battery) side and males on the demand side.

Free advice is 50 bucks.


Those motors have phase wires which aren’t enameled and are easy to work with.

I’d change the motor connectors and not the ESC connectors.