Motor Upgrades to Improve Durability

What are the different upgrades that you guys do to your motors? I was thinking along the lines of making it more durable and shielded from the elements. I just don’t want my motor to fail due to having rocks and debris getting into it.

Got any advice? I’ve heard about adding more silicon glue and making motor covers but do those really work out?

Motors covers aren’t very worth investing in. They insulate heat and they can unbalance the motor if they’re put directly on the rotor can. Motors are usually moving at a high enough rpm to where rocks can’t get in. If you’re using chaka’s motors you’ll pretty much get nothing in there!

Yesterday I was speeding at 40+kmh and suddenly there were a lot of little rocks on a path in front of me that didnt look any different. I didnt slow down but looked down to the board and just saw thousands of little stonies fly everywhere. I guess youre right with the high RPM. They were just being thrown around, zero fcks given. Though the motors had tiny silver dots/scratches on there afterwards. I guess thats the life of a good motor right there :smile: