Motor watts confusion

Hi, I have a question about motors right, so all the motors I see here are normally over 1500 and mostly over 2k, but where I live ebikes are huge, and the law decrees a maximum of 250 Watts for a maximum of 25 kmh. Can anyone help me out here? Couldn’t find much on the forum about watts except for 2500 as opposed to 3600 watts…

I dont understand your question here… Could you Try to elaborate a little more?

Yeah sorry, basically is a 250 watt motor enough for esk8 as well, and the 2000 watts are just over excessive, or does esk8 require a higher watt motor than a bike?

For an ebike you need a lower watt motor in order to reach the same speed as an eboard. The size of the wheel and the gearing are the reasons for that.

Wats is power, but not torque, E bike has a HUGE motor with loads of torque, we have small ones, and 2000w is the norm, trust me NO ONE will ever test your board for power.

An e-bike with only 250w does mainly work as a pedal assist… It is definetely not enought for an esk8 If you want to Go up hills or accelerate fast… Most people here with street setups use around 500w countinous, with a peak up to 5000w…

This is the law in germany as well. You can use any motor and reduce the power by the ESC to what ever limit you want. But doesn’t make it legal in Germany. This is still a big topic for the future. Where are you from?

Israel, and thanks!

Same here :slight_smile: