Motor whines, can I please get help?

Hello, my motor is making a whining sound, it’s the one on the left. It just started doing it, can I please get help? Not sure how this happened, something sounds loose inside.

Video is below:

Need to fix this asap

Don’t keep spinning it. Something inside or between the pulley and mount is rubbing. You can tell because it directly changes pitch with the motor speed.

Take it apart and clean it out. Pulley off first, motor off, circlip on the motor shaft off, then pull the can off.

Before you do that you might want to check if the bell itsself is loose on the motor shaft.

Cant get the damn motor off the mount, the screws are tight and I may have stripped one

Heat up the locktight, use a torch I used to use a heat gun but it didn’t heat the metal fast enough effective. Usually the motor screws come out easy with just a little heat.

Damn I don’t have one, should I swing by Lowes or Home Depot?

If you’re really eager a lighter could sometimes be used. A propane torch will burn cleaner though and you won’t get much soot on it. Heatgun is the best option.

Just a culinary torch like this?

That would work but I use the larger mapp gas torch for speed, plus the the longer you take to heat it up the more time you give all the other metals to.absorb the heat so it’s a PITA I just hit it with high heat for a short time.

But yes the culinary torch should be good enough for the motor screws just do one at a time.

Sounds like broken magnet or bearing, had same sound


Cool so I went to Home Depit and already came back with one, heated em all up, really not sure how Iong I should though. Gonna try to unscrew now


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All 4 off, but you’re right. I didnt realize that heat transfers fast and I just heated up that motor to an astoundingly hot temperature…

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Check if your magnets are still magnets, just put a screw or something on your motor can and see if it sticks

I guess it was <350 °C lol if it its your safe :smiley:

Still sticks :+1:t2: Needa get the c clip off now?

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Generally I try to keep the heat to a focal point and work one space at a time my motor usually doesn’t get hot

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Shoulda got c clip pliers while u were there.

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Ok so c clip off, this is what I got now


Cant seem to get the can off, it keeps resisting like a giant magnet?


That’s normal the magnets are the only thing holding the motor together now, I would not use a screw driver it could mess up the magnets.

You can try partially screwing the motor to the mount so that way you can pull the bell and hold on to the board for better grip.

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Thank you I’ll give that a try :+1:t2:

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Got it! Now I guess I just take a look inside?

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