Motor Wire Mod?

Hey guys, so I recently replaced my sk3 6374 phase wires for super worms because they the stock wires can’t flex very well. I’ve been running on foc for over 200 miles before the swap and now with the new wires the motor runs pretty hot, like too hot to touch for longer than 5 seconds . Does anyone know what might have happened?

u mean re winding? or just the tip of it? just check shortage first with multimeter. u could have melted wire coating with solders. also if thinkness of the each strend is too thin that could be why. pls put pictures. people will help u out

Like it gets so hot that the heatshrink area gets black

My guess is a cold solder, those don’t look particularly good either. Resolved with a hotter iron so the solder sinks into the wires. Should look like this:

Hmm that might be it. I’ll try again, my soldering iron is pretty good though. Got a hakko station, heats it up pretty well . Could it have something to do with the coating that sticks on the magnet wire ?

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Nah, but your iron at around 700-750f

I put it at 800 :rofl::rofl:

Hmm leave it on longer until the solder can melt without touching the iron

@twan What solder are you using?

Yes, you need to remove the enamel on the wires before soldering.


im using 60/40 solder with flux core.

Yeah i dont know. I was looking at the real time graphs, and when i press throttle down to max and the power usage says negative wattage and the temp of the mostfets continue to climb really fast.

So i stopped using foc and went back to bldc. the power graphs show correct wattage consumption and mosfet temps did not climb while holding max throttle.

Seems like Foc is picky with motor wire length and motor resistance or something? ill just give up foc, bldc works more reliably and runs the motor much much cooler.

Also had some errors where it said abs over current and the focbox would just stop and restart. this was when i max throttle the controller and great it max very quickly on foc mode. it never did this before, and does not do this on bldc mode.

Did you remove enamel coating from the motor leads before soldering?

Yeah I scrapped it off and heated it to melt it off