Motor Wire Soldering

I cut my motor wires to replace with some more flexible ones, (g160) and the wires are different to what I have. I also am replacing them because I think I screwed them up some howThe motor wires look like they are thick copper strands, and I am using aluminium I believe. Whenever I try to tin the motor wires the solder roles off entirely. Is this even possible? Am I screwed?

you gotta sand the ends of the copper with some sand paper first.

This might not be exactly what you are looking for but it may help.

They are coated in enamel. You will need to sand the strands thoroughly to remove it so you can solder onto it

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Ah, makes more sense. Thanks!

If you are lazy you can put a blob of solder on the motor wires and the coating will burn off.

But your motor looks OK if you are using FOC.

what is FOC?

@link5505 FOC is a mode that you can use to control your motor using VESC. Check using BLDC Tool. It is very quiet in operation, and when on the bench the wheel stutters at low speed like yours is showing in the video. If you are using BLDC mode, there might be a problem with your wiring.

Be careful though as FOC has been known to burn out VESCs

I don’t use the VESC.

Worked great.

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How did you manage to solder the wires? I am having the same issue. Nothing sticks to the wires.