Motor wire strain relief?

My board started cutting out on throttle this week intermittently, to the point where the motor then stopped spinning altogether. It would just judder under throttle, so I started taking it apart. That’s when I found one of the motor wires had severed where it meets the bullet connector at the ESC, but the heatshrink was keeping it held together. So these cables move about as we turn, and the cables on my motor don’t seem very flexible. I’m going to solder on a short piece of thicker silicone wire to the motor cable and then connect this to the bullet. Hopefully this will last longer.

Not sure what other strain relief options are out there, what do you guys do?

The shorter you cut the winding leads and the longer silicon wire the better. Also a good idea is to use adhesive heatshrink, it’s thicker and it will keep the solder joints stiffer.

Just replace the complete wire.