Motor wires direction

Hi everyone.

So I have the torque boards dual motor kit, and it seems like the motor will only mount properly with the wires going up, down, left or right. See picture:

Note that the positioning is symmetrical with every 90 degree turn, so wires only have those 4 options

When the motors run out the back, the motor clamp is in the way and the motor cannot go far back enough so that the pulley can fit.

See how the wires bump into the motor mount. This are tough and cannot be bent out of the way

Is it okay for me to have the wires coming down? Will that damage them like how it damages to have them coming out the front?

This picture shows how the wires would be if they were down

Another option would be to give the motor a 45 degree turn and only screw two of the screws in. This would result in the wires still coming out the back, but coming down at a 45 degree angle from the horizontal (Won’t crash into the mount).

In this picture the top and bottom screws will go in, but the side holes will be exposed. However if you see the direction of the wires, they are coming at the perfect angle.

What do I do? Thanks.

You can angle your mount up a little more to give more wire clearance, but what about putting them forward? This is rarely an issue for anybody as the silicone wires are flexible and can be bent back and forth quite a few times unlike the rigid low strand wires.

I thought wires coming out the front will damage them (at least a lot of people on the forum said that), that’s why I didn’t do it. Do you think it’s fine to do?

I setup wires like your second photo. Just make sure to ease the motor wires in there and not just jam them. :slight_smile:

Motor wires in the front is fine but you need to make sure you have enough slack. Easier to have more slack if you mount them as in the 2nd photo.

At the end of the day either works just don’t stress the wires out.

I also have it setup like your second photo. Because of the belt length I’m even closer to the mount, they are practically resting on the mount all the way to the heatshrink. Those are some hefty wires, they are not that easy to break :slight_smile: Or get longer belt and it will enable you to increase the distance between motor and the mount further.