Motor wont turn when i turn on remote

hi guys, recently everything that could go wrong with my board has happened and its frustrating. after thinking i sorted everything out my motor wont turn now. ive linked a video showing what i mean. idk what this could be, ive already checked the phase wires and they are not touching.

I think you are using a VESC? Maybe you can see in BLDC tool what the ppm signal is and its behaviour.

i checked the realtime data but the problem is with my computer it cuts almost all of the information off at the bottom and i can resize it to fit

After opening the remote I found this wire disconnected and I think it reconnects right between the white and black one. Torque

boards is this right?

It looks like the wire must be connected to that spot and could be your problem. I think this wire goes to a potentiometer? If so it explains why your remote is not responding to throttle.

yup it worked!!!thanks so much

You solved it yourself :wink:

Have fun!