Motormounts for Trampa MTB, E-Toxx Dual Direct Drive

Omg. :heart_eyes: is this group buy eligible? @Michaelinvegas

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Only if you buy me a set @DilatedPupils lol



Yes got different Kits. MTB one which i selling here is bulletproof IMO

MBS and Urban Carver i´m missing longtime expierence Got Kits Ready, you can get it and test… if it fails the first 100Days you can send back and get your money back(excludet shipping)

Feel free to ask anytime

Kind Regards Jenso


Price to US for urban carver and MBS kits please. I have interest.

Urban Carver Dual Direct Drive, includet machined Mini Vertigo Truck fits Superstar Hubs, and 8mm Motorshaft, max real 6374 Motors : US Shipped : 459€

MBS Matrix-2 Dual Direct Drive, fits Rockstar Alu Hubs, and 8mm Motorshaft, max real 6374mm Motors 399€

Both are Geared 1:4, 10mm Motorsprockets available for 19€ more for the Dual Kit


Why you do this to me Jenso, those are too damn nice! I wish I could afford these at the moment, but they cost as much as the 12s3p battery i’m looking at :sob:

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A 36 cell battery for 400bucks? You should think about getting a spot welder and make one for half that price.


This is the same conclusion i’ve come to after many many threads over the course of the last 3 months. I’m just not sure about a few things battery wise, as far as the best ones for my specific use. The LG h2s look good but i’ve also heard really good things about the Samsung Q30s. I just want to have the ability to go 30 miles, not that I need to I just want the ability to.

if you are on a budget 30Q - if money does not matter HG2.

Nice Gunmetal Baseplates (-; for a crazy US Quaddrive build …


hey @Nowind thanks for being so kind to me. i was wodering if you were going to post somme pics of my trucks on here they look goof inn the pics u sent me!!! i cannot wait for those interested i may do a build log on my board if anyone is interested please say so and ill get to work on it. cannot wait!!!

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good golly those are beautiful. RIP my wallet lol

Yes my wallet needs a long rest now haha

I’m trying so hard to resist for now. :tired_face:

God I need this. Maybe my wallet will allow it in a couple months. NICE!

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I want one 7147267611 USA cali

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Hey No problem Please send me an PM with your Adress for Shipping and your Paypal Account. I send you a request.

Cheers Jenso

Nice new matte Black colour :


Did trampa change the finish on all black hangers? Or is it a new finish option?

BTW, You’re like one man electric mountainboard factory :joy:

I think its just a little more matte… Yeah one man Army :laughing: