Motors and esc's for 12s moutain board

Just ordered my new trampa board and trampa duel drives. I want the best of both worlds for this board, crazzy speed and insane torque. 2x max amps 12000mah 12s 100c battery’s, one per motor. I would like to hear any suggestions on what motors(Kv) in 63 mm size and esc’s i should run to build a crazzy beast. The drives have a bearing support for the end of the motors shafts so ideally to utilise them the protruding shaft length will have to be 38.5mm. I’ve been looking into Alien Power Systems motors as they can build the motors to spec with the correct shaft and key ways. Anyone built something similar? Cheers Glen

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I have built a few similar builds. Go with some 6374 190kv motors.

What kind of range are you expecting from those batteries? I have 3 12s7p batteries that I’ll be starting tomorrow built for trampas. I’d love to add you as the 4th lol I can make it bigger if you want too. Man those lipos are gonna be huge I haven’t even seen lipos that big and expensive coming up at 900 dollars each. Did you spend 1800 dollars on lipos? I can build you a pack for much less than that with a bms and fast 4a charger. Lithium ion

Just saw you’re in Australia. Never mind hahah I can’t do anything :frowning: I hate battery restrictions

Hahahah every time man… I think the universe is telling you to go Down Under bwhahahah

Man. I swear the most isolated country/continent ever. May as we’ll be in Antarctica

lol that’s like Canada :canada: to them bwhahahah

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Australia’s not that bad, rang not to sure on those battery’s. Was thinking more like 250kv motors, those battery’s are 100c true rating…

Lol just playin… the land of OZ seems like a bitchin’ place

Nice, this is gonna be a beast! Was just looking at those batteries the other night. What kinda charger will you be using?

Got a similar build going. I will be using Roxxy 9120-12 optos, and Turnigy SK3 192kv.

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Sounds sweet mate! the Tirnigy motors arnt really a option for me as the shaft is to short for the bearing support. Anyone used Alien motors and speed controllers?

Replacing the shaft with a longer shaft may be an option

Are the shafts easy removed ?

Yeah … grub nut(s) on shaft hold it to the bell housing… once you remove the stator… just tap it out after you take out the grub nuts … and reverse procedure

Fuck yeh to easy! Thanks bro Looks like I’ll be machining new shafts, just need to decide on what size motors and controllers, think I’ll wait for the vesc6 to be released