Motors and their manufacturers

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So I’ve been helping a mate with a build and it got me thinking - all the motors out there that look the same (eg the motor and motor) can’t be individually manufactured by the suppliers. They have their branding on them, but the manufacturing must come from somewhere like China. Right?

Where do these companies get their motors from? Are they all exactly the same but with different branding?

All of them come from China

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They are not ALL the same motor. Some are sealed, some are 170kv, some are 190kv, some have longer and/or difference phase & sensor wires, etc. Most of the motors we use are generally manufactured by Maytech or FreeRCHobby, both of which can be contacted on Alibaba.

street wing dark matter Flipsky Janux Flux Drive

are all the same motor from the same company and can be found on Alibaba

The motor on is a maytech and more info for that is here

Thought this would be the case. I mean it’s kind of obvious after all. I guess Alibaba seems to be the go to place for these items

If you can meet the MOQ.

Those are maytech motors and if you order 10or more you get free customisation

The motors from Street wing are not maytech motors.

I guess that they are those " dari matter" ones that mmaner sold, i didnt see the pic btw

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I didn’t sell any motors. I bought some, had some extras, so I let some friends have them at cost which was around $70 each. It was @scepterr who sold the Dark Matter motors.

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Now @marcmt88 sells them