Motors for evolve gt upgrade

Hey guys. I’ve had a carbon gt for a few years and the battery went down. Also I smashed the remote many a time eating dirt. So I built a 10s 6p battery, bought new wheels and remote. Second ride out and one of my motors fail. 2 questions…

  1. I’m assuming it’s OK to ride on one motor but understand its putting extra strain on it.
  2. Rather than looking to buy evolve motors will I benefit from upgrading to 63mm motors? What advantage is there? I like to go fast so if they improve speed I definitely will upgrade but do not want to have to mess with the electronics as the original esc and bms only just fit as the upgraded battery takes up all the space and more on top haha. Don’t see the point spending out on parts if there are advantages to upgrading. If it is worth the upgrade any recommendations for motors and base plates in the UK? Cheers guys Peace :peace_symbol::heart::om:
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Unless your motor is getting blistering hot after a ride theres nothing to worry about. I’d be more concerned with the esc temps.

Not sure what to tell you about the failed motor. Did you try swapping the connections and running it on the other side of the esc or with the other esc?


The best way to fix an older carbon evolve is to throw it in the attic and build your dream board.


You could put massive 80100 motors on there and not get any better performance, it would just increase the weight. Yeah, ok… I will admit that bigger motors, due to the greater mass, will likely be less hot than the smaller ones, but the overall performance will be mostly the same & your board just got heavier.

The size of the motor doesn’t really matter, it’s the current you pump into the motor that creates the torque, so unless you increase the current output from the ESC you are probably wasting money buying a bigger motor/s. Unless the bigger motor is the same price as the Evolve replacement, then probably do it.

Also note, not all “bigger motors” are bigger on the inside, you really need the stator measurement and some kind of estimate of copper mass

TLDR: If you think you will upgrade the ESC later, then definitely get bigger motors now.