Motors for gear drive


I was checking the Arc Aileron, and I was thinking how I can make a similar drive system.

What kind of motors are they? Is there any motor I can buy similar to them? Also what kind of gear do they have that fit a tiny 90mm ?

Please use a reference-link. Atleast I’ve never heard about what you’re talking of.

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Arc uses 50xx sized motors for their latest direct drive boards (still in production). Not sure their gearing ratio though…

I am working on my own that fits 90mm wheels but having tons of problems getting the helicals to align. Going to resort back to Spurs for now.


Where did you get these helical gears?

Custom made from factory…

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Do you lathe-machine your trucks? Maybe that helps with alllignment as everything would be centered and orthogonal.

What’s your motor? I’ve 5055 diyeboard laying around, I might try! What’s the advantage of helicals or better… the problem with spurs?

Answering myself: it seems that helicals runs more smoothly and quietly

Yes but I don’t have the machinary to do that precisely enough…

I have actually ridden the Arc prototype gear drive. It’s surprisingly quiet for spur drive and much much quieter than my helical drive.

(No affiliation with Arc, just happen to be in the same country as them)

One benefit is I noticed increased efficiency going to gears…

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Did you made as well the gear for the flywheels or do you happen to know if someone sells them?

Mine are for flywheels but I didn’t see anyone sell helicals this size yet… I am not planning to sell mine since I can’t get it to work silently

I see! What motor do you have?

Racerstar 5065

There you go boys knock your selves out :facepunch:

Hardwork done, will still need some machining to make them work…

Unless you have cnc tolerances from the truck to the drive gear mount interfaces, forget helical. You can cowboy a spur gear by hand/eye… A helical no…


I explored this option… Was not cost effective. Plus it didn’t have a lot of the sizes I needed.

Steel is real… Heavy duty stuff…


I’m not a qualified engineer, so routinely ignore my comment on this matter… but with two helical gears, made of steel, for eSk8… with your drive wheel being only maybe 5 x the width with a lot of gear reduction, made or thane… just seems like over kill for you ability to transfer torque/power.

Yeah I am no engineer either… So pretty sure I made some mistakes along the way…

f.king cool gears bro, bet they are like jewels in your hand!

More like a ridiculously heavy chunk of metal… I am always worried I will drop it on my foot… Not joking…

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