Motors Full Throttle When Remote is Turned off?

Hey guys, I posted about this a while back when I was having trouble with a signal issue and my motors twitching randomly. I still have that issue but it really doesn’t bother me much and nothing has seem to fix it, at least nothing simple that I tried.

The part that still bothers me is that when I turn my remote off and the battery is still in the on position my motors automatically shoot to full throttle and don’t stop until I turn the battery off. This seems to me a safety issue in the event that I somehow turn my remote off while riding. I’m having more and more friends test drive it and play around on it and the last thing I would want is for one of them to get hurt because of this stupid electrical/signal issue. Any advice?

Think this will help

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Thanks brotha!

I’ve re-paired before, but after following those instructions it’s worse than ever. The motors twitch until they take off to full speed even without turning the remote off. Then, same behavior with the remote off. Full throttle.