Motors mounts that will work with Gullwing trucks?

Anyone know of any motor mounts that will work with Gullwing Sidewinder II’s?

Sidewinder%20trucks3 Sidewinder%20trucks2

Psychotiller mentioned he had some mounts that would work but the post is from 2017 and the links that lead to his site [for those mounts] are broken…I do have some Turnigy mounts from Hobbyking but while close they are not a perfectly flush fit. The Gullwing trucks look perfectly round and they are very close to that but there is a very slight taper as you move from the wheel towards the kingpin. I only spend $25 on them so it’s not a big loss to throw them in a drawer and buy proper ones that will fit better…

Anyone have any ideas (links to proper mounts would be my preferred option)?

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This will fit Gullwing Sidewinder II’s double kingpin? Following the link there is a drop down, do I choose Paris or Caliber? And is there a supplier in the US for these? The shipping on those is terribly long…but thanks for the link, much oblige!

They were made for Paris round hanger. Idk if they will fit. You’ll need to lathe your hanger or modify the mount.

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the estimate shipping date on ebay is not correct, to USA ship by speedpak, normally will take 7-15 days.

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