Motors ,nunchuks and pulleys for sell

new parts for sale :slight_smile:

  • 60T 5m 20mm wide(for 15mm belt) pulleys - undrilled but can drill for Trampa with my gig 42$ each

  • 2 trampa belt rollers with bearings + two spare sleeves 40$ all

  • 2 15T 5M pulleys for 12 mm shafts 20$

  • 6 15T 5m pulleys for 8mm D shaped shaft(like Evolve) 25$ all 643edff7-a320-4cfd-abb7-40f24bb9ef17

  • 2 racerstar 140kv motors with CNC motor adapters for 63 motor mounts motors and adapters are new 130 $ for motors+adapters 19eaa018-e371-4b99-9a9d-53e936fde4a0

  • sell all together- one black used Nyko , one new NYKO , another white used , two cases , and two ppm adapters (one not working but can be repaired) only for people like to play with them . Iā€™m selling because using the Ebay remotes only . 40$ all f89849f8-b0f9-44ce-9a2a-c64244a9676d

Shipping might not be cheap because Items located in Israel ā€¦ I can check price for you . just PM me :wink:

updating - keep follow

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Prices on items? Intrested in big tooth pulley and maybe the rest too