Motors out of stock and 320kv?

Really wanting to complete my build before I go back to school late August but can’t seem to find a motor. Looking at SK3s or the Tacon models. Possibly DIYs motors too. Most of these motors are out of stock however. Anyone know how often hobbyking gets new shipments. Also they do have a SK3 in stock 320kv. That’s worrying me a little bit, does anyone know 320 kv is enough torque.

Need to keep below 270kv

You end up killing that motor

300KV or higher is like no torque. I’d keep it 280KV and less if higher voltage you can go lower KV or if dual motors.

Hobbyking restocks motors usually every 2 weeks, and the last refill wast 2 weeks ago on Friday so be prepared, your time has come !

the only real reason that higher kv motors are a problem is not because they have no torque but because to utilize the motor and get the torque you either have to add more gearing (maybe 4:1 )and then maybe there’s a big pulley on the wheel which could possibly bottom out. Or you can keep the same standard 2:1 or 3:1 gearing ratio everyone uses and just use a lower voltage system. !!!you can use a higher kv motor with possibly a cheaper lower voltage esc and get the same of everything!! You just have to make sure the rest of the set-up can take the increase in amps instead of volts to get the watts, so bigger wires maybe. that’s it. same amount of torque, continuous power, peak power as a 2000kv motor as a 200kv motor if you adjust the rest of the set-up.