Motors, which one?

Maytech, Turnigy Sk3, Alienpowersystem motors, R-Spec Enertion? Which one are the most reliable?

Theyre all pretty high quality. Just matters to you’re needs.

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I’m a noob and there was 1 company that seemed to have great exposure to their products and technology via YouTube. I realize that they are just the tip of the iceberg and there are many quality motors. However, as a noob I wanted to be extra precautions and purchased from a vendor I knew (YouTube helped me make that decision). I went with Enertion and got the 6372. Because I worked with drones before I knew there were many other companies but being new to the eSk8 scene I needed to be here long enough to know was reliable. I just got the 6372 and it a smooth motor with impeccable build. My next build i’lol go wih a different vendor to experiment. Good luck. :+1:t4:

most of them are made in similar or even the same factory. use whatever works best for you.

Pretty sure Enertion just uses Maytech motors with a paint job and silicone wires.

I like DIY’s cause their black…

Enertion. Only because I’ve only had good results. I’ve ridden through the rain, now snow, and beat them up and the dual 6355 motors are still running strong!


The motors from @jlabs and @ajaynagra are high quality and pretty cheap!

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