Motorshaft rotates without motor

hi my motor shaft wiggles loose about an 1/8th turn back and forth… is there a way to fix this? @psychotiller @barajabali @torqueboards

Yes. There are 2 set screws in the rotor that your motor shaft goes through. You need to take those out and put more loctite on them. Then put them back in tight.

Edit: darn I was beat by a few seconds @psychotiller lol

  1. Post pictures

  2. If it’s the part I think check for set screws in the back of the motor if it’s a cheap motor you may need to pop the shaft out and file a small flat grove for the set screw to hold it better. Hope this helps

they’re torque board motors… I’m not trying to knock em. i actually have a lot of respect for him and his company

Its a common problem believe it or not. Torque’s motors already have the flatspots. Just make sure you take the set screws out and inspect them. If they are messed up, replace them with good ones so you can get them in there nice and tight without stripping them. If you strip them you wont be happy. This is the kind of job you want to do right and “once”.

Lol ya otherwise you could end up with a pulley with a screw head broken off or permanently like some other unfortunate fellow I saw on this forum :joy:

the motor pulley isn’t loose, the actual shaft is… i can hold the motor in place and spin the wheel a lil bit back n forth… after inspection, i realized it was the shaft

Right. Look at the end of the motor that doesn’t have the pulley on it. The motor shaft is pressed into that end of the motor. There’s are 2 set screws on either side holding the shaft in place.

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Tomorrow, if I feel a little better, I can help you with it.

oh that old thing. Yeah. This kind of thing is why commercial boards want to use hubs.

But then some are still trying to attach their hubmotors to the trucks with “ahem” Set screws…

noobs… always doing noob stuff.

What are we now? Snoobs?

Loctite 648 :slight_smile: !

Yuuuup! But that will only work if he can take the set screws and shaft out, apply it and then reinstall everything tight/right.

To be honest i have no idea what is even happening anymore.

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I’m looking for an instructional video haha

@psychotiller what would you suggest I do to fix this same problem? I can’t get the set screws out.

First, you should pull the motor apart. Then, with a heat gun try applying some heat. If the sets are stripped you will need to rotate that shaft until it comes all the way out. Then drill out those sets. And RE tap larger set holes. Replace with larger sets and you’ll be good


Try using torx screwdriver to take stripped hex set screws out. Gently hammer a bit oversized torx screwdriver in and apply heat to melt thread locker, then unscrew hex, voila!

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