Mount motor onto your skate truck tutorial video | Make an Electric Skateboard

In this video I guide you step by step through the processing of building your own electric skateboard drive train. I clearly describe all of the steps from mounting the motor, installing the motor pulley, installing the wheel pulley, aligning the belt & belt tension adjustments.

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do the all the parts used in the video come in the mono drive mech kit even the thread locker? (i know the board doesnt come)

no, you will need all the tools shown in the initial part (screwdriver, hex keys, skate tool, etc) + thread locker + a dremel or an angle grinder to grind a flat spot on the motor’s shaft to fit the pulley with the provided keyway. That’s very important to fix the pulley to the shaft and it can be a bit tricky.

Do you sell the thread locker, sorry to bother but what about the speed what max speed can the mono drive motor can hit?

Does the battery come in the kit to?

He sells the thread locker but it’s out of stock, just get it off amazon/ebay/hardware store, blue thread locker, loctite (brand) or any other

No, the motor kit excludes: ESC, remote controller and battery (+charger), and deck of course :slight_smile: .

If you buy the R-SPEC motors you don’t need to modify the shaft, everything is custom made you can quickly & easily slip on the motor pulley! It’s mechanically held with a key & circlips. But for a more permanent install & to help reduce vibrations you could also use thread locker on the shaft & inside bore of motor pulley.

On mine (R-SPEC+, 12mm belt and gears, bought 2 months ago), because the pulley didn’t have holes to put screws in, to lock it in place I needed to grind a flat spot on the shaft to insert the key in the keyway because my shaft was round. Just blue thread locker and circlips were not strong enough to hold the pulley in place (I weigh 95kg).

Are you now providing motors with the shaft ready-made to insert the key? cool!

I just want to add that I’m very satisfied with the performance of the R-Spec motor and with the toughness of the mount, very good products.

the 12mm wide pulley doesn’t have a set screw,

But it definitely has provision for a key, so are you saying the motor shaft didn’t have a slot for the key? weird.

yup, but as my willingness to ride was trough the roof, I went to the nearest hw store, grabbed an angle grinder and a blade for (stainless) steel, the circlips tool, assembled everything and went riding. That kit is a very quick but a strong DIY solution, I swapped my old chinese hub motors with this and the game changed completely (build thread), even if I’m still with a 6S setup, at 10S it will really fly.

sorry, just to clarify…

the motor shaft didnt look like this? was not a slot for inserting the key?

No, it was all round, I had to grind it manually to fit the key in. Maybe I received an old kit? The drive hub gear was also the older version with the screws, I will order one of the newer ones soon, because I haven’t drilled the holes with 100% precision in the wheel, but it runs well enough ^^.

So how do i get those? Do you have a kit with all of the things? I really want it for a fair price

screwdriver, spanner and hex keys are standard stuff you can find in any hardware store or even borrow from other people, just get the circlip pliers and thread-locker from amazon/ebay and you should be good.

And the battery and the esc doesnt come in the kit so i have to get those to! Im getting one thats for sure

also don’t forget the remote controller :slight_smile:

Last question do you have a kit with all the parts that appear in the video “build electric skateboard under 24 minutes” except all the hardware stuff and the thread locker and the circlip pliers and the deck? (Sorry for all the questions i just want to be sure im buying the right product)

I’m just a forum user and DIY sk8 builder, if you want all the enertion stuff you can check on their website under electric skateboard parts section:

Is a 120A ESC the same as a 12s ESC?


120A is how many amps it can pull

12s is the voltage it can take

the vesc is 60A 12s

TB’s esc is 120A 12s