Mountain board - best mounts?

I’m looking to build an all terrain board, and torn between which mounts I should go with.

I will be riding this around the beach a lot, so I think chain drive is a bad idea (rust comes to mind). Dual motor is also a must.

That said, Trampa’s all terrain dual motor setups fit what I’m looking for, but are also $1,100 without even getting esc’s, batteries, a remote, and other misc parts.

I have an Xcarve and would be down to make my own mounts, but where would you guys suggest getting the belts and pulleys if I went that route? My preference is not to fully DIY the entire drive train, i.e. I would rather get gears that fit trampa hubz without me drilling the holes, etc.

thanks all for the input!

@barajabali you were the first to come to mind if you have any thoughts.

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@Nowind is the man. Maybe you could pay him for his design files to mill yourself and then get the belts from him.

the xcarve can handle aluminum? :money_mouth:

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@cmatson you need to go with @Nowind

the BEST in terms of service, quality, and speed. hands down my favorite vendor on these site.


Yep, I made my first mount using mine.

also, let me just tell you some regrets I personally have on my mountain board.

Go 12s. do NOT use R-spec 74’s. I would go down to 170kv same ones that nowind uses in his builds. Go with either the ugraded chain kit or the belt drive.

DO use TB ESC’s (i have some left if you want cheap)

Check this motor out. Can’t remember who used it on their build but boy is it big!

This is the motor i was refering too! thanks for the link.

Also a good option are sk3 149 kv