Mountain board build, motor selection?

Been wanting to electrify my mbs for 4 years now. This summer I am planning to make a big push on starting on it. I have been looking at builds in this forum as well as learning where to get what for this build. It seems that most mountainboard builds have 6374 motors. Would a 6364 190,200,230 kv size motor work or this is not strong enough?

That should work fine, 6364 and 6374’s are essentially the same

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Even 170kv 6355’s are fun and more than functional!

Thank you for all the responses.

Depending on the width of your truck the 6364 or 6374 should both fit (most mountain board trucks are wiiide). But make sure to measure if in doubt, and if you get an SK3 motor from HK - check the dimensions, not just the name of the motor… they like to add length and still call it a shorter motor.

KV - i’d remember that running a big wheel it’ll be good to keep speed down with a lower kv motor. 190, 168/170, 149 would be my suggestion. If you plan to run a v4.xx VESC - remember the 60k ERPM limit, so depending on voltage you might go for lower kv for that reason as well. Frying DRV chips is no fun.