Mountain board for sale!

Selling my mountain board build. I am selling it under parts as the dual Vesc I am using is throwing a drv error code after I had the drv chip replaced. Also I run it using Dewalt tool batteries and the board does not sell with the batteries. The battery mounts could be switched out to accommodate any tool battery.

The board had dual 6355 motors with a 14 to 96 tooth belt drive with aluminum pulleys. The motor mounts are also machined aluminum. I have never had any issues with skipping even over rough terrain.

This thing is a heck of a lot of fun to ride, it tops out at 30mph on flat pavement but can do more on a downhill. It can also climb 70-80% grade (40 degrees or so) without trouble. The dual 6355s geared down provide a great amount of torque. To be fair I am a lighter rider (150lbs) BUT I run the system on 40v and it can handle up to but NOT over 60v.

Comes with a gtb-2 reduced size remote. It’s in a 3d printed case.

I currently run 2 dewalt 6ah flexvolt batteries on 20v each. I could get about 7 miles on a full charge but I almost guarantee someone with more programming experience could optimize that range. You can use smaller batteries but your range will be shorter.

I am asking $500 minimum (I have just over $800 in it if you exclude batteries) Shoot me questions and offers!! I am located in central North Carolina. Buyer pays for shipping.


Good luck. :call_me_hand:


Do you think I’m asking too much?

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In all truth, probably not. 500 is fair to the right person. Might try and find sopp6 :arrow_left: not sure wtf that means.:rofl:


given the lack of supply it’s a seller’s market rn

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I am new here. Good Luck

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